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A universal system
Inspection instruments for bores and cavities greater than 9 mm in diameter and up to 1000 mm deep are widely used in industry.
The HEINE range includes many different elements which make it especially suitable for situations which involve the need to change
quickly from one kind of inspection to another. A further advantage lies in the availability of optical magnifiers for these instruments.
























The kit system:
The basic element of the XHL Xenon Halogen probe is the 3.5V probe head [ 01 ] with automatic
connector for the 3.5V power source [ 02 ]. Probes in various lengths [ 03 ] can be attached to
the M 6 screw thread provided. They, in turn, also incorporate an internal screw thread into
which the 3.5V XHL Xenon Halogen bulb [ 04 ] is screwed.
Mirrors of various diameters [ 05 ] can be fitted to the probes, and can be rotated into any
position as required. They are designed to prevent their accidental detachment from the probe.
Optical magnification can be provided by means of a simple swivel loupe or a precision
focussable prism telescope [ 06 ] with a simple friction connector.
Light and mirror probes 3.5 V
Probe head
Probe dia. 5 mm, 100 mm long, with 3.5 V bulb T-02.25.120
same, 200 mm long T-02.25.121
same , 300 mm long T-02.25.122
same , 400 mm long T-02.25.123
same , 500 mm long T-02.25.124
Extension probe, 500 mm long, dia. 8 mm T-00.25.129
Flexible light probe, 500 mm long T-02.25.130

Detachable mirrors with secure bayonet fitting, can be combined with all probes
Detachable steel mirror, dia. 8 mm T-00.25.300
same, dia. 12 mm T-00.25.301
Detachable glass mirror, dia. 16 mm T-00.25.305
same, dia. 20 mm T-00.25.306
same, dia. 25 mm T-00.25.307
same, dia. 30 mm T-00.25.308

Focusable prism telescope 3 – 5.5 x (for all probes)

XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 3.5V

T-518 Inspection Set J

Consisting of:
Probe head, 5 probes 100 – 500 mm long, swivel lens 2x,
prism telescope, 2 detachable steel mirrors, dia. 8 and 12 mm,
4 detachable glass mirrors, dia. 16 to 30 mm,
XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 3.5V, in transparent pack with
BETA Battery handle 3.5V

Mirror probe with remote adjustment of mirror
For apertures from 30mm diameter, Direction of view 30° to 120°
For inspecting cavities or large-diameter bores where the entrance hole is relatively small, these instruments offer the advantage of permitting the user to observe in any direction, including backwards! This is made possible by the adjustable mirror. Construction: A rigid tube [ 02 ] is attached to the head [ 01 ] which has an automatic connector for a 3.5 V handle. The far end of the tube has an adjustable mirror [ 03 ] and a XHL Xenon Halogen bulb fixed to it. The mirror can be adjusted by means of a pushrod running parallel to it, which in turn is moved by a control knob [ 05 ] mounted in front of the instrument head. Mirrors of different diameters can be used with the mirror probe, all of which are secured to prevent their becoming loose. The 3.5 V bulb provides a large patch of intense light, which allows very detailed examination and recognition of details, particularly so when the prism telescope [ 06 ] with 3 – 5.5 x magnification is used.
Mirror probe with remote adjustment of mirror 3.5V
Mirror probe with fixed head and remotely-adjustable mirror,
dia. 5 mm, length 400 mm, with 3.5 V bulb, without handle
Screw-fitting glass mirror, dia. 20 mm T-00.25.201
same, dia. 25 mm T-00.25.202
same , dia. 30 mm T-00.25.203
Focusable prism telescope 3 – 5.5 x (for all probes) T-00.25.350
XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 3.5 V T-02.88.066

T-516 Inspektions-Set G
Consisting of:
Mirror probe with remote adjustment of mirror,
length 400 mm, 3 screw-fitting glass mirrors, dia. 20 to 30 mm,
Prism telescope, XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 3.5 V,
in transparent pack with BETA Battery handle 3.5V

Straight inspection mirror for 3.5 V
Straight inspection mirror with automatic connector for all 3.5 V handles. A screw-fitting is provided for either a plane or a concave mirror which provides 2-3 x magnification, depending on the distance to the object.
3.5 V
Straight mirror-holder, 100 mm long, with 3.5 V bulb
Straight inspection mirror, complete with bulb
and plane mirror, dia. 20 mm
Screw fitting mirror, dia. 20 mm, plane T-00.12.103
same, concave (magnifying) T-00.12.104
XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 3.5V T-02.88.063

mini light and mirror probes 2.5V
The mini light and mirror probe for the mini 2000 handle is a particularly light and compact instrument, which is instantly ready for use anywhere. Compact, handy instruments for the toolbag.

mini light and mirror probe
mini probe, dia. 5 mm, 125 mm long, complete with
mini 2000 battery handle (with batteries)
mini probe with 2.5 V bulb, without handle T-01.25.140
mini 2000 battery handle (with batteries) T-01.79.009
XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 2.5 V T-01.88.057

Inspection Set D
Consisting of: mini probe with battery handle mini 2000 (with batteries), detachable mirrors T-00.25.305 and T-00.25.307, XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb T-01.88.057, in transparent pack
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