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HEINE Keyhole loupes
For apertures from Ø 0.3 mm. Working distance from 5-250mm.

Keyhole loupe The unique construction of HEINE multi-purpose keyhole loupes enables you to view through a 0.3 mm aperture and into narrow cavities, e.g. a security lock. They provide excellent results when used as illuminated loupes for various working distances.
How it operates: Light from a XHL Xenon Halogen bulb [1] is condensed and projected [2] onto a mirror [3], which reflects it through 90°. The examiner moves the instrument as close as possible to the object to be examined and looks over the top edge of the mirror. A lens wheel [4] is located directly in front of the mirror and incorporates a ring of 17 lenses of various focal lengths. By turning this lens wheel, the examiner selects a lens [5] which provides a sharply-focused, magnified image. The focal length can be varied during the entire examination.
  • Gives a bright, illuminated view in even the smallest cavities, openings, bores, locks, jets, cylinders etc.
  • Up to 10x magnification. You can inspect through openings as small as 0.3 mm! Can also be used as an illuminated loupe for surface examination. XHL Xenon Halogen illumination.
  • Can be focused by selecting any one of 17 lenses on the lenswheel.
  • With illuminated distance-meter.
  • Spectacle-wearers can work with or without spectacles.
  • Keyhole loupe with 3.5V-illumination
    with automatic-connector for battery- or rechargeable handles: The 3.5 V-version is powered by a battery or rechargeable handle and ensures exceptional brightness, which can be adjusted by a rheostat control to suit the application.
    Keyhole loupe 3.5V 3.5 V  
    Keyhole loupe with 3.5 V bulb, without handle T-02.24.105  
    Extension cord automatic plug T-00.99.230  
    XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 3.5V T-02.88.070    
  • Light and power sources:
    3.5V-version: BETA Battery handle with 3 LR14 dry batteries or BETA rechargeable handles NiMH or Li-ion.

  • mini Keyhole loupe as pocket instrument with 2.5 V illumination
    connected to the mini 2000 handle: The light weight – only 100 g with mini 2000 battery handle – and compact dimensions make it an ideal instrument for the pocket. It has many applications in the field of optical inspection, including some where this was difficult or impossible until now.
    Inspection-Set A 2.5V
    Consisting of:
    mini Keyhole loupe with mini 2000 battery handle
    (with batteries), XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 2.5 V
    in transparent pack
    XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 2.5 V T-01.88.042
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