Hand-held Device for Flame Spraying of Thermoplastic Powders

Suitable for on-site works
Suitable for coating large-sized and fixed structures
Suitable for repairs and touch-ups

Application Advantages
It can be used virtually on any kinds of materials: metals, concrete, fibreglass, plastics, wood, cardboard, anti-slip applications.

Able to apply various kinds of thermoplastic powders:
PLAHOTCOTE thermoplastics
Nylon (polyamide)
Other copolymer alloys in general (for more information please contact IBIX Anticorrosione S.r.l.)

One-step application cycle: application of the pre-heated thermoplastic powder directly on the pre-treated surface (recommended treatment: sandblasting) of the substrate, by means of the GLADIATOR OmniCoater Flame Spray gun and/or additional flame gun. Ecological and non-toxic cycle: absence of solvents, VOCs, TGIC, plasticizers, halogens, isocyanates and heavy metals. Immediate utilization of the coated item (no waiting time). The coating can be fully repaired and touched up by simply re-melting the powder on the surface to be repaired or increased in thickness. Coating duration: definitely longer than traditional systems, with huge savings on maintenance and refurbishment: thanks to GLADIATOR OmniCoaterit is possible to extend the high-quality results of the anti-corrosive protection provided by thermoplastic powders to anti-corrosion applications on site as well as on large structures. Applicable with all weather conditions.

Technical Features
Hand-held: robust structure on wheels with push handle
Compact: 48x35x80H
Length of the pipe for air-propane-powder mixture supply: up to 9 m.
Powered by: compressed air(min. 6 bar), propane gas(in cylinders -2 bar)
Air flow adjustment
Powder adjustment
Vibrator on the hopper to facilitate powder removal from the walls
Service air gun

application gun in 3 versions complete with connection to the belt regulator:
Standard gun
Smaller gun: to perform works in small or difficult to access areas
Larger high-capacity gun

Typical Uses and Applications
On-site application on installed items that cannot be removed (refurbishment, maintenance and application of the thermoplastic coating on non painted items, etc.).
In-factory or on-site repair and restoration works on items coated with thermoplastic powders using the traditional method (electrostatic or fluidised bed).
In-factory application on large-sized items that would require too large an oven and/or bath.


Port Mann Bridge - Vancouver, British Columbia


Cominco Mines - Canada, British Columbia

rails on footways around and over sulphuric steel baths

Nuclear Power Station in Hanford - TRI Cities Washington

coating of containers for storage of nuclear waste

Cominco Mines - British Columbia

anti-corrosive coating of bearing piles

U.S. FORCE, Okinawa - Japan
Warren Robins - Georgia Guam
(Air Force Base in Kadena, Japan: bomb recovery plant)

MK 84 GP inert bomb – field test on the coating for 6 months;
HY-10 hydraulic trolley;
trolley for oil;
drawbar for planes;
ramps, C-1 support;
MHU-25 adapter, ADBR trailer, M-9 adapters;
MJ-1 flooring panels

Bridges on an irrigation channel in Alberta

Concrete tanks - British, Columbia


Motorway lampposts in Alberta

Ice-breaker hull coating
Uboldi, ITALY – Valve coating
Lining of CLS sliding channels

Plates of a concrete-mixing plant

plates of a concrete-mixing plant maintained due to ordinary wear and tear
Aluminium rotor of a suction turbine for salt water vapour, Genoa - Italy

CLS pipe coating for the sewage industry (with additional pre-heaters)

  plates of a concrete-mixing plant maintained due to ordinary wear and tear

Housing site for pickling tanks used in the hot dip galvanizing process