Technical Features

Hand-held: robust structure on wheels with pull handle
Compact: 48x35x80H
Length of the pipe for air-propane-powder mixture supply: up to 9 m
Powered by: compressed air (min. 6 bar), propane gas (in cylinders -2 bar)
Air flow adjustment
Powder adjustment
Vibrator on the hopper to facilitate powder removal from the walls
Service air gun
Belt regulator plate with easy connection-disconnection of couplings for gun replacement

application gun in 3 versions complete with connection to the belt regulator:
Standard gun
Larger high-capacity gun
Smaller gun: to perform works in small or difficult to access areas
Repair version

Standard gun: up to 10 sqm /h at 200-250µ
High-capacity gun: up to 24-30 sqm/h at 200-250µ
Powder consumption: 1kg= 4 sqm at 250µ (these data refer to PolyHotCote thermoplastic powder)

Typical Uses and Applications
On-site application on installed items that cannot be removed (refurbishment, maintenance and application of the thermoplastic coating on non painted items, etc.).
In-factory or on-site repair and restoration works on items coated with thermoplastic powders using the traditional method (electrostatic or fluidised bed or extrusion).
In-factory application on large-sized items that would require too large an oven and/or bath.