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Advanced design - real-world architecture. Our expertise delivers optimum solutions.

    • IGP-PFC 91 is a new generation of mat coating powders based on Fluorocarbon polymers
    • IGP-HWF 3001 59 serie; highly weather-resistant, for facades, with increased UV-resistance and low curing temperatures
    • IGP-DURA®face 52, 58, 80 series; free of TGIC, polyester powder, for facades, approved by GSB/Qualicoat 80 serie; polyurethane powder, for facades, especially suitable for exhalating substrates, approved by Qualicoat
    • IGP-DURA®pol 62, 64, 65, 68 series; free of TGIC, polyester powder, for industrial applications, in different gloss levels, structures and effects
    • IGP-DURA®than 81 serie; polyurethane powder, decorative and industrial applications 42/46 series, deep-matt powder coating system sed on polyester and acrylic resins.
    • IGP-KORROPRIMER 10 serie; anticorrosion primer, C5l long, C5M long and the Ü-sign in system design
    • IGP-DURA®cryl 40 serie; weather resistant acrylic powder with exceptional properties

    IGP  IGP-DURA®cryl 40
    Technical Data Sheet: IGP-DURA®cryl 40.pdf
    IGP  IGP-DURA®face 58
    Technical Data Sheet: IGP-DURA®face .pdf
    IGP  IGP-DURA®mix 35 & IGP-DURA®pol 65
    Technical Data Sheet: IGP-DURA®mix 35 IGP-DURA®pol 65.pdf
    IGP  IGP-DURA®xal Color Samples
    Technical Data Sheet: IGP-DURA®xal Color Samples.pdf
    IGP  IGP-HWF 3001
    Technical Data Sheet: IGP-HWF 3001.pdf

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